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5 Unique spherical-shaped Bag
[Image: a0d53574-72a7-4b5a-aecc-75bf265f1326_43.jpg?w=480]

Tired of wearing a tote bag with a design that it – it just in everyday life? Try to update your appearance with a different bag model so attractive, so more style. For example, spherical-shaped bag that many featured a number of well-known brands. In addition, these products can also make your display more chic while working or traveling. The following five reference:

1. Mansur Gavriel

Output bags Mansur Gavriel much liked fashion lovers. One of the currently popularis circle leather tote for Rp 17 millions. It has the structure of a rounded, bags that look unique but still elegant. Any item is provided with three pallets are not neutral,i.e. blue, Maroon, pink so that enliven the appearance. Products that can be orderedon the website of the Net A Porter was also presented with a size wide enough so that it can be worn to work.

2. Philip Lim

The circular also provided interesting bag by designer Philip Lim. Featured minimalist design, the product is provided with a handle for the gold so that it looked sophisticated. Any item is worth on the event night or wedding party. Get Alix Circle Clutch here at millions.

3. tas Chloe

Some of you may prefer a sling bag due to practical use when dynamic activity. Ifso, a round bag for Rp 21 millions here deserves to have. Iconic items Chloe bermaterial this skin was presented with a brown color and classic black and neutral to be worn on various occasions. But if you want a brighter display, there is also a variant of pink or multi-colored.

4. Karl Legerfeld

Karl Legerfeld provides options that can be used in a sling or dijinjing by hand. In addition to flexible, the bag also comes with a unique grip i.e. shaped chain. These details can give a touch of rock n roll on your appearance. Grainy Leather Small Satchel Bag can be bought at IDR 4.4 millions.

5. Kenzo

For traveling leisurely, you can choose the following sling bag. Equipped with KenzoParis so steal the attention, canvas bags also comes with a bright blue color makes it more interesting. Item costs Rp 3 millions are also offered with a pink color variantfor you who loves to appear feminine.

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