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Parkinson's symptoms
hallo guys
This time I wanted to make a treat that discuss the Parkinson's disease.
treat this time I took from the number one health site in the world, INFODISEASES.COM, following discussion at a glance about Parkinson's. 
[Image: parkinsons690x400.jpg]
Parkinson’s disease is the degeneration of nerve cells gradually in the middle brain that controls the movement of the body. Surely you know the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali. He is one of the people with Parkinson’s disease. Mohammad Ali died at the age of 74 years, Mohammad Ali suffers from Parkinson’s for 32 years, precisely at the age of 42 years Mohammad Ali began to suffer from Parkinson.
Parkinson’s disease itself is caused by several factors, including a clash of heads, age, genetic factors, consumption of drugs, etc. Everyone Parkinson’s patients have different causes.

Parkinson's symptoms
1.      Tremor
Uncontrollable shaking. These symptoms usually appear on one part of the body, especially the hands and fingers. Tremor occurs when the body parts still or resting. Tremor is one of the primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
2.      Bradykinesia
After some time, Parkinson’s disease will reduce your body movement coordination and making it slower. Simple activities become difficult to do. For Example, shorter steps when walking and difficult to get up from the seat.

recognize the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease so that you can figure out the best way, so that never severe Parkinson’s disease. Get detailed information about Symptoms and How to Treat Parkinson’s Disease
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