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Some type of tuxedo Shirt That Trend in 2016
Tuxedo shirt is available in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Therefore, it becomes a difficult task for a novice to buy a tuxedo shirt.

The three main types of shirts that should be considered in smoke is wingtips, tangerine, and lie down collar. The mandarin collar collar short style stand-up takes place in a shirt or jacket. They start at the neck and vertical mounting, usually 2-5 centimeters. They generally do not like to smoke. Wing tip collar extends about an inch before burning into the future. Lay Down collar similar to what type of shirt you find a suit every day.

Wool and cotton are the most commonly used type of fabric. But the clothes are made of fabrics such as silk, cashmere, synthetic and some variations are also available. Factors that should be considered in the purchase of a tuxedo shirts include: price, comfort, breathability and resistance to wrinkles. tuxedo shirt is available in various colors. The following details are listed can help you understand what the shirts are suitable for every occasion.

White tuxedo shirt:
This is the most popular tuxedo shirt. This shirt has a professional appearance is clean and suitable for formal wear, office wear, social activities and even fun. In addition, a white shirt matches the color of the bow tie, vest and shoes games. smoking jackets and pants in all colors always go with a white shirt. You can find more variety in style and white matter in relation to other colors.

Tuxedo black shirt:
This is the tuxedo shirt which is the second most popular. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions. You can go for a black tuxedo shirt tuxedo shirt solid or striped. Generally, there will be decorated with white stripes running vertically down version of the black striped shirt with a visually appealing way. This shirt is available in normal tissues such as cotton and polyester.

Blue Tuxedo Shirt:
Compared with traditional coating blue suit, blue shirt smoking is much more popular. This color is preferred by young and old seem to have run out wearing a blue shirt hour of his time. Put the evening tuxedo shirt color blue and dark blue tie with a bag light blue square. This classic blue suit that will help you to look very elegant.

Ivory Tuxedo Shirts:
Ivory tuxedo shirt would be a good replacement for a white tuxedo shirt. Basically, every color (except different shades of blue) can be used instead of a bow tie and ivory with a breast pocket. This shirt is available in a variety of styles. You can choose anything from a tuxedo shirt tuxedo shirt ruffled ivory vintage with French cuffs. This shirt would go well with a beautiful black lace, silver cufflinks and pocket square ivory.

Tuxedo Shirts:
shirt gaining popularity in recent years. This color is suitable for spring and summer festival time and can make a formal event is much more alive and vibrant.

Red Tuxedo Shirt:
It is very rarely seen in ads tuxedo or tuxedo rental store retail companies. However, smoke red shirt is very popular and almost as many saw this color shirt as they made a white tuxedo shirt. This shirt is very good in most of the events, but sometimes favored in some quarters of the most conservative. Sample installation of a big red shirt: put a black tuxedo, black vest and bow tie with a dark red shirt and a red pocket square.

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