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How to simple minimalist kitchen decor
The kitchen is a central room in a house or dwelling. In dapurlah where a mother would cook meals for the entire family. Healthy kitchen is an ideal kitchen coveted by every woman. Has a simple kitchen design with enough lighting to create ambience cooking more fun. Enough light will also help to kill germs that are around food.

10 Creative Design Kitchen Simple and Minimalist
simple kitchen creative (4)
One of the unique kitchen design and creative selected as Editor's Choice this time. A narrow space is not an issue with the use of curved countertop. The color combination of red and black shiny fits perfectly with the wooden floors above the roar.

creative simple kitchen (1)

creative simple kitchen (2)


Having a dream home is simple with the required spaces has made a home becomes uninhabitable. Plus the kitchen is the place where your mother or wife will cook food for the entire family. The kitchen is clean and beautiful looks will make the mood a mother will be pumped to get better, so it will mix a meal will be tempting.

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Now, not only the house that has a minimalist model, design a simple kitchen also has a variety of models one of which is a minimalist kitchen. Kitchen with minimalist concept has a kitchen with a simple design, not heavy but it looks beautiful for a kitchen. The most important in kitchen design is effective in any place that will make the show cooking mothers become more efficient.

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You can use marble as wall hangings your kitchen. The function of the marble stones are so much easier to clean than the spattered oil when cooking, or stain attached. Alternatively, you can also use a base made of stainless steel anti-corrosion and easier to clean. Choose a rack made of cabinets simple place to store all the cutlery and dishes that you have created. There are various options kitchen shelf wall that is simple and minimalist to the kitchen favorite.

Adjust also select your furniture with simple kitchen design owned. With a clean kitchen, good light with beautiful design, will make cooking activities with your family will feel more comfortable. Kitchen clean is a source of healthy food for your beloved family.
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