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Sell Online Batagor in Jakarta, Depok and Bekasi
Selling online batagor in Jakarta, Depok and Bekasi and of course the surrounding areas well. Tangerang City, City of South Tangerang, Bogor and its surroundings, do not forget docked as well, we are ready to serve all my friends. COD JABODETABEK friends

We already know well that the name of the artisan batagor usually around or hung somewhere. That brother offline batagor that we often encounter everyday, it is their duty around or hung somewhere to bring shoppers. This is the older brother who looked seller dumplings and carts batagornya well.

Well we of besides selling batagor offline, also sell online batagor tablets. Even ya, in the era of information technology, as now, in the era of all online sales in the online world batagor could even exceed offline sales batagor

Why sell Batagor Online???

let me present. Actually the reason is not just present only my friends but farther than it is to apply online marketing, so therefore, we will further expand the market potential we can achieve. Do marketing online, then we will reach more audience.

If the audience increases, especially if the audience-the audience is people who are very fond of dumplings then we can increase the sales potential many times as much.

Deh imagine, if batagor offline sales, how far do we go around, se Jakarta? Bekasi Depok or se se? Maybe we sell engga surround these towns? Maybe! Can! But how strong if only we ourselves do? Very difficult. Well precisely with online lah, these obstacles can be overcome. Staying building systems and a solid team to continue to raise it.

Messages Online Batagor his How ???

Easy of friends that want to order takeout pizza online. Friends stayed visit just to can then immediately call the number listed there to make a reservation. CS'll say to her, friends want the message of how much, if it is okay transfer to the account number listed on the web and friends stayed sit back waiting for orders.

Actually also a system of payment with COD tablets of friends. With the payment of the COD's, friends can pay when the order had reached the place. Just there are some provisions if friends want COD, one of which is if the friends order under 500,000.

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