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Go green is a real action for environmental sustainability
Hello, this is my first thread. I will lift the title Go green is a real action for environmental sustainability. This is my own writing and not the result of copy and paste. : D Sorry if the sentences in my writing there was little the same in other writings.
All right, go green is a breakthrough and thought very remarkable. It has a view very much. Go green is not only working at the moment, even go green will help change the future.
Go green has a unique concept. This concept can be called by 4R. Yes, 4R stands for Reduce, reuse, recycle and replace. Well, let's talk about the 4R's simple.
1. Reduce
Reduce question is the reduction of the use of materials that can not be described by decomposing organisms. Examples are plastic. If we always use plastic and immediately thrown away, the land will not be able to decipher them. So it will be for soil pollution.
2. Reuse
As I mentioned above, we should always use the items wisely. Do not waste so that the environment is not for negative impacts.
3. Recycle
Using the junk and reprocessed into new items that we can use again. For example, we can use cans for flower pots or decorative tins we can get used to a pencil.
4. Replace
The meaning is our use of energy and alternative fuels that are environmentally friendly and do not cause air pollution. Using a bicycle or on foot if not in a long journey. We will help reduce environmental pollution.
Let us always keep the environment in order to remain healthy and sustainable because we are going to feel the impact itself. Have a go green culture is a good decision you can do.
Thus the simple thread of me, thank hopefully useful. Let us improve hygiene and environmental health.
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