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Indonesia travel
Fried Hallo, how are you today? ... Surely you alright right.
Oh yes, this time I will give my first thread that discusses about Indonesia travel. Thread I make comes from, because the site was complete discuss about Indonesia travel.

Indonesia travel so interesting to discuss, because Indonesia is located in the path of tropical and has many tribes, making Indonesia has plenty of interesting sights. Tourism in Indonesia is divided into two, namely, travel to the beauty of nature and cultural tourism. Are you curious friend? .. I will discuss further between the two categories

Nature tourism in Indonesia, because Indonesia has tropical climate and makes Indonesian archipelago has a natural beauty that is not infinite. Among them are the Raja Ampat island, Bali island, komodo island, Lake Toba, and much more. These sights have exceptional beauty and surely you will never regret it if you vacation there.

The second is cultural tourism, Indonesia is a pluralistic country so as to enable a culture very much. Indonesia cultural tourism, among others, the temple of Borobudur, Prambanan, Toraja land, where the venue is a leading cultural tourist Indonesia. Surely you will be amazed by the beauty of Indonesian culture.
So I created a thread, sorry if there is one in writing. Look forward to the next thread that discusses tourism other Country. Thank you very much.
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