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How to Choose a Hosting Company?
If you want to have a website that you can fully manage (not free website), you will need to buy a name for your website (domain name) and a hosting account where your files will be stored. A domain name and hosting account can be bought from the same company or from different company.
In my case I separate my domain name account with my hosting account, the reason for this is to simplify the management of my domain names, and also to have more control over all my domain names.

Criteria I am looking when choosing a hosting company

Make sure your hosting company give you enough speed for your website. Some hosting company now offering SSD hosting which has better speed compared to ordinary hard drive that still use mechanical movement inside it.
The faster the better, less than 3 seconds is fast. You can check using to test your website speed. If you are using Wordpress platform, the speed also affected by how many plug ins installed on your site. The more you install plugin usually the more getting slower. Use website plugin cache and image optimization to speed up your site. Website speed is one of the biggest factor to get better position in search engine.
read more troubleshooting article here

Other than speed we also need to make sure that our site is accessible all the time, there is no point if we have a good speed but many times inaccessible. Uptime 99.8% or better is considered good. We will try to calculate how many minute downtime if we have 99.9% uptime in a 30 days.
30(D)x24(H)x60(M) x (100-99.9)/100
= 43.2 minutes max downtime in 30 days
Uptime is very important, if you have many downtime, your website revenue will drop as your customer cannot access your website to do the transaction.

Bandwidth per month
Is your hosting company offer unlimited bandwidth? Your hosting company measure incoming and outgoing data of your website every time and it count as bandwidth. If you have exceeded your quotas then your website will not accessible. You will need to contact their support to upgrade your bandwidth to make the website up again. So if you choose unlimited bandwidth you will not worry about this.

Unlimited hosting/database
If you have more than 1 domain name you can host them on the same hosting account if your hosting company allow it. Some hosting company will limit to 3,5, or 10 websites in one hosting account. Other company offer unlimited domain, means you can host unlimited website there as long as the hardware support it. I usually choose unlimited domain for my hosting account. 

Responsive support team
This is also critical point, with my current hosting company I get very fast response time when chatting with their support team and usually my problem will be resolved within minutes. Imagine if you have a problem with your website and you cannot contact their support team, you will make your website visitor disappointed and frustration.

I will not to expect to have good reliability for hosting and good support with very low price at the same time. My domain account is about $8 per month or $96 per year, this is for shared account. If you choose VPS or dedicated server, this will be higher.
There are many other features offered by a hosting company, above point is what I have been using all this time. If you like this kind of article you can visit this site for more interesting articles on hardware, software, communication, review and more related to IT.

Thanks for the info Smile
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