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Easy ways to Take Care of Hair
For women the hair is a crown of glory is always maintained. So do not be surprised if the women treated hair more privileged compared to other parts of the body. The view is beautiful and trendy can be judged from the capsule. Dikriting, smooth, pale, highlights and styling of other activities often by women only to improve their appearance. But, have we ever thought that a series of activities is always good to styling our hair? Oops make no mistake, if we are not careful and do the proper care it will bring damage to the health of the hair. The hair will dull, it is brittle, falling out, dried and various other bad effects.

A healthy and beautiful hair is really easy, with a simple way and changing a few bad habits in the treatment of hair will have a major impact on the state of our hair. Here is an easy and simple way in the treatment of hair

Choose the right shampoo

Use a shampoo that is suitable for the type of our hair, vitamin E and natural nutrients. If necessary do not hesitate to a salon style treatment alone at home, but of course with natural ingredients. For example, regularly use Aloe Vera or egg yolk mixed with honey for shampoo. And do not forget, the establishment of a while until completely clean. Here our natural ingredients, which is important for one that suits the needs of our choosing was used hair.

Avoid shampoo every day and use excessive conditioner

Activity wash your hair and use conditioner will affect the hair moisture due to the activities of the hairs are stimulated to produce oil. If done excessively, the oil will be produced more so that it can make the hair brittle, dull and limp.

Avoid shampooing with water that is too hot

Hair has natural oil content that serves to keep the moisture and makes hair always looks sparkling. If the oil is exposed to hot then cast the oil, so that the hair will be dry and dull.

Avoid using a hair dryer

Instead of looking to make the hair dry faster than the hairdryer a weapon. Change this habit because it can damage the hair hair dryer. Hair too often exposed to humidity hair dryer will reduce or even tend to disappear, not to mention the scalp will also dry. The solution hair dry naturally. Using a towel is the best way, but do not rub too hard. Rub the towel on the hair will break hair too hard, loss, matte and dull cause.

Avoid combing wet hair

Wet hair is his strength (brittle) reduced, so it will be easily broken if combed time. The solution if you want to wet hair comb with a large tooth comb and sparse. Never use a brush or a comb-tooth comb meetings, and do it slowly and carefully.

Do often tying or braiding hair

Too often tying or braiding the hair can damage hair resilience, especially if the hair in wet conditions. Remember that wet hair reduced strength (brittle). In addition, the hair tied in wet conditions become humid condition that the growth of fungi that can cause the head to itch triggers. If allowed to continue would lead to infections of the scalp.

Reduce various activities styling

A series of activities disalon the use of chemicals such as bleach, smooth, color, and so over time may change the structure of the hair and damage the hair. The solution as it forced the styling do not forget to keep up with the protection of vitamins or moisturizer on the hair. Choose products to suit your hair type and needs.

Cut the split ends

Remember to always cut off split ends. This is to prevent hair damage is more serious. It is better if the hair always pruned regularly so that the hair healthy growth.

Consumption of healthy and balanced diet

Consuming a healthy and balanced diet, will have a positive impact on our body. With the intake of various vitamins and balanced nutrition hair nice, strong and shiny, and the body healthy and fit.

Wear protective headgear when on the move outside

Exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat may erode the hair cuticle causes the hair will eventually tarnished and brittle. By using her protectors can reduce exposure to the sun on our hair.

By changing the bad habits and replace them with the above practices will have a big impact on the health and beauty of our hair. Sterkte.od luck.

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