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How to remove foot hair naturally

Remove hair or hair that grows on the feet or other body parts is not an instant way. Actually, you can do it easily on your subscription salon. But if you can do it yourself at home using natural ingredients, accessible and easy to use why not? Yet the result is the same or even better than the results applied by the salon.

Healthy One will present the following 5 ways to remove hair permanently once the foot naturally that will not make the hair or the hair on your legs become regrow. Check out the article to its conclusion.

 Honey, Lemon and Sugar
You can make a paste of honey with lemon and sugar mixture. The dough can use waxing to remove hair or hair that grows excessively on the part of your foot. The trick: apply the mixture to the area of the foot, leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then wipe gently with a towel previously soaked in warm water. Do this at least twice a week to get the desired results.

 White Eggs, Sugar and Wheat Flour
Use egg whites mixed with sugar and flour. Stir until get a smooth dough. The trick: rub the mixture on the skin of the feet are in tumbuhi hair. Allow it to dry for about 10-15 minutes. Once the spread becomes dry, the dough will be masket. Then gently pull the mask.

 Turmeric powder and milk
You can use turmeric powder and then you make pasta by mixing with milk. After becoming a viscous fluid, apply to all parts of the foot you want to remove hair or fur. Let stand for about 10-15 minutes until the paste dries. Rinse with warm water.

 Raw papaya and turmeric powder
How to remove hair next leg is with raw papaya. Papain is one of the active enzyme in papaya. Substances capable of breaking the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. Raw papaya is most suitable for sensitive skin. How: Take a few pieces of papaya peeled, milled and make a paste. Take one tablespoon of raw papaya paste and add 1/2 spoon of turmeric powder. Mix well and apply on the feet or areas where you need to remove unwanted hair. Massage gently for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with clean water. Repeat this process at least 1-2 times a week to remove unwanted hair.

 White pepper and camphor (Kapur Barus)
White pepper and camphor have a burning sensation, especially when applied to sensitive skin. This helps to remove unwanted hair on the legs effectively. Take a taste of white pepper and camphor. Destroy both the material up into a fine powder. Mix these ingredients with a few drops of almond oil to get a calming effect. Apply this paste on foot and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Then wash with clean water. Repeat this step whenever you feel the need to eliminate unwanted hair on the legs.

Thus eliminating legs naturally and permanently. To our usual activities using short skirt, have a foot thick fur is certainly a confidence thing that bothered us. So as facial skin care, legs also need serious and intensive care so that the way we use effective and do not cause side effects.

We wish to remove legs naturally and permanently above can make you re-appear confident with smooth legs hair free.

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