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Why Shop Online?
Why Shop Online?

In this modern century, we are all blessed with internet connection. With this amazing technology, most of all offline activities can be replaced with the online one, including shopping. Therefore, there are many online shopping malls nowadays. One of the example is Lazada.
[Image: belanja-di-lazada.jpg]

Lazada is a subsidiary of Rocket Internet from Germany. With its experience in German marketplace, Rocket Internet wants to dominate the South East Asia market, before Amazon invades the region. As you can read at its main website, the goal is to dominate the market outside US and China. SO they aim for South East Asia.

With their investors behind, and armed with US$ 100 millions, Lazada is established in 2009. Now they are backed up by a couple more investors, including the Goldman Sach. Lazada now has many branches across the countries in the region. Lazada serves more than ten million users each and every month, has more than 5 million fans in Facebook Fans Page, and handles more than 1 million transaction per month.

Lazada Indonesia also sells all things you see sold in your neighborhood, such as fashion, gadgets, books, groceries, and also automotives, real estate, and vouchers. It also offers simple pay with its 0% payment for a credit card user.

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