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Is Raw Food Diet For You? (1)
In almost all health articles that discuss about weight loss and diet methods, recommendations on eating healthily cover most of the overall advice. The problem is, not every culture has some ‘healthy’ ways to process the foods. Frying and salting foods are very common in order to get tastier cooking results. Since recommending healthy cooking is not easy, some potential dieters choose raw food diet instead. This is considered quite practical for people who have hectic schedule and rarely cook. The pros and cons of this meal plan are still debatable. Eating raw food that is clean from oil and original in its nutrients substance are believed to be the most effective way in achieving healthier skin, slimmer body and better metabolism system.  
Introduction to Raw Food Diet
Raw food diet is a weight loss method that uses the principle of ‘rawism’ or ‘raw foodism’. The basic philosophy of this principle is using foods at their most natural form which is believed to be the most beneficial for the body. It means that foods that are not processed (in any ways) or not cooked will be the only choice left. This is a real challenging situation for dieters who are not used to eating raw vegetables. The composition of the diet is consisting of seventy five percents of fruits and veggies. What a dieter can consume include whole grains as high fiber and carbohydrate resource, sprouts, various nuts, fresh and dried fruits, sprouted seeds, beans, and seaweed. In addition to that, there are some substances that cannot be consumed, including caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar. It is not recommended to consume raw eggs and raw milk based cheese.

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How Meals Are Prepared
The way meals prepared differs from the way it is normally processed. The cooking procedure of raw food diet does not involve oven or conventional stove. There is equipment named food dehydrators that are able to dry fruits and veggies. It makes them crunchy in relatively lower temperature. Heat can eliminate the nutrition (including vitamins and enzymes) in the vegetables and fruits. In order to keep the benefits of these ingredients to the most or optimum scale, proper ways of processing are very crucial. Food dehydrators maximum temperature setting is programmed to be less than regular oven or stove. It is also free from oil. Surely, eating the allowed ingredients freshly like green veggies and fruits will be the most recommended ways. Other ingredients like nuts and seeds, though, need a bit of drying to make them eatable. 
Raw or Cooked Food?
When the concern of other diet methods is around the process of cooking, what if the cooking conducted in healthier ways, using healthier substances like olive oil rather than coconut oil? Will the choice of pursuing a healthy life style still feasible through eating cooked food or having to stick on raw food diet? To answer these critical questions should consider what medical research show. Raw, cruciferous veggies are able to decline the risk of bladder cancer cases. Another study showed that raw vegetables can also reduce the cases of gastric, laryngeal, pharyngeal, esophageal and oral cancers.

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