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Cowboys & Aliens
Cowboys & Aliens

[Image: Cowboys_Aliens.jpg]

The plot of this movie has absolutely no idea about where is it about to go, at this very difficult for the audiences to actually get into the skin of the film. That is a very big surprise because if you actually go with the character of the lead person, what is actually the point of making an adventure film if this film is not want to put rainy adventure and it? The director of the film, and his crew did not know what they were doing with an adventure film, and though the effects in this film are good, they still had been reduced to being a side play for the other big movies.
Having a superb characters in this movie, and fantastic actors who have done a very good job with the movies, it was very disappointing to see that they have underperformed in this movie, and have not lived up to the potential because of a very weak script as well as a very bad direction. The story and plot of this movie is absolutely rubbish, and they have no direction in which to go, and over all this and happens to be one of the worst in recent times.

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