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Machine Barber Wahl 5 Star Icon Series USA V9000 Pro Barbershop
Wahl ICON 5 Star Series USA.

By using ICON Wahl 5 Star it will greatly facilitate your work in a faster shave safe and practical. equipped sharp blade is a mandatory requirement of a shaver. This product has the advantages of Wahl alone can hone the knife along with frequent use. In addition these products are also durable with routine maintenance.
Engines V9000 MotorTenaga Electromagnetic Shaver Wahl using the latest technology with a machine that produces pieces that are very fast and powerful. Shaver has a clipper machine motor sound smooth. This is the kind of machine that produces best-in-class piece of the finest you will ever see.
[Image: wahl-5-star-series-v9000-motor-usa-225x300.jpg]
Ergonomic grip Shaver Wahl include grip durable and stylish. And most importantly, handle with ergonomic shape provides more comfort and control when shaving. So that these can be easier for you when doing hair shaving.

Very suitable for use Strong and durable, heat-resistant engine speed Motor V9000.

Wahl Package Contents ICON 5 Star:

- 1 shaving machine Wahl 5 Star Icon
- 6 Shoe size shaving
- 1 Oil Lubricating oil
- 1 Comb Shaver
- 1 Brush cleaner
- 1 Manual book


- Retail Price: Rp. 540,000 -

- Wholesale price: Rp. 475.000 - minimal 6pcs


Contact: Bp. Arif Kurniawan
call / sms:
Hp. 081802729023/085228231774/082328201145/081392443804


Head Office:

Jl. Purbaya, Ledok Warak, Rt 01, Sumberadi, Malati, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Postal 55 287

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