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Grilled Mojo Beef - Cuban-Inspired Marinated Skirt Steak Recipe - simbadaowe - 08-31-2016

The goulash is a dish that is much in demand by foodies. in addition to taste good, goulash available in several options. Lamb curry and fish curry are two types of goulash which is very popular in the community so it is often found in restaurants. Well, if you feel already tired of these two types of goulash, veal goulash can be an option.

In principle, when the goulash through the manufacturing process and ingredients are almost the same, perbedannya only in basic materials. But once mature, ranyanya completely different. Moreover veal goulash were able to bring the taste of savory, delicious and savory at the same time. You wondered why veal goulash can be absolutely delicious? Here we present cattle goulash recipe so you can find out what is the secret behind the delicacy of veal goulash. 

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Recipes / Ingredients:

500 ml coconut milk
Water 1 liter
Beef ½ kg
Lime leaves 5 pieces
5 pieces of bay leaf
Galangal 3 cm (thick slices)
2 stalks lemongrass
Cloves 2 eggs
sugar secukunya
pepper to taste
Cooking oil
Softened seasoning :

5 pieces of red pepper
onion 8 items
5 cloves garlic
ginger 2 cm
turmeric 2 cm
pecan 6 eggs
½ tbsp coriander (toasted)
½ tsp nutmeg
½ tsp cumin (roasted)
How to Make Beef Stew:

Boil the meat until tender. Then remove and drain (broth should not be discarded)
Saute the ingredients that have been refined. Add lemon grass, lime leaves, cloves, ginger and bay leaves while dikoseng.
Add the remaining water stew. Give sugar, salt and pepper to taste
Add coconut milk and meat. Cook until thickened milk.
Lift and special veal goulash ready to be served.
Well, if you find the difference between a cow and goulash goulash other than the main ingredient? It may be difficult to find if you have not practiced the recipe. Whatever the difference with other goulash, veal goulash recipe is clearly above the cattle goulash recipe selection that suits you the enthusiast goulash. Hopefully our article can help you find your ideal goulash recipe.